iStock_000014298654MediumStanding Up For Working Families

Bob Burns supports raising the minimum wage, protecting prevailing wage laws, opposing so-call Right-to-Work legislation which lowers wages, defending workers compensation, and child labor laws.

Support For Public Educationdreamstime_l_18035857

Burns will continue to oppose cuts to public education. He knows it is vital we give our children and grandchildren the best possible foundation and skills to succeed in life.


Creating Jobs & Economic Development

Burns will continue working to attract good manufacturing jobs that pay a living wage, promote research and development, attract bio-medical industries, help start-up companies, and promote buying American made goods.  He also supports fair trade practices that protect American jobs.

Access To Health Care

Burns supports the expansion of Medicaid to give access to health care to more families and bring home to Missouri hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to support our hospitals.

smiling_older_womanHelping Seniors

Burns believes Medicare and programs for seniors must be protected from radical cuts proposed by some Republicans.


A Safe CommunitySTLCounty

Burns strongly supports our first responders, those who put their own lives on the line to keep us safe.


Ethics Reform

Burns doesn’t believe that mega-donors to politicians should dictate what happens in Jefferson City.  He supports strong ethics reform that will make sure your voice is heard above all of the money and lobbyists.

acw20veterans20day204.jpgHonoring Our Veterans

Burns, as a member of the Veterans Committee of the House, has supported programs to help our veterans and will continue to see that their service is honored and our promises to them kept.


Bob Burns will continue to answer every phone call and e-mail from you and work to answer your questions or resolve any issues. Contact him today!